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OTRA integrates the PEB study office of Mathieu Barras into its structure


Some A2E references:
Current cases :

Network of a hundred architects:
Brussels and Walloon Region

Public institutions and industrial clients (in progress)
UCM: photovoltaic potential of Brussels SME buildings
IBGE: forest house renovation
Infrabel: CLI branch and future offices
Carrefour regularization or transformation of medium-sized stores
Bepad: Walibi restaurant and offices

Promoters: Matexi Brabant wallon, houses
Zestred Walloon Brabant and Hainaut, houses, apartments, shops
Belsquare, Brussels. Offices
Aedifica, Brussels. Apartments
Dherte: houses


Past files:
Interbuild: European Council
Dionysius: passive school cross of fire
Ing Real estate: nursery in Evere
Solvay: building regularization
Charleroi land management: station
Delhaize: energy cadastre

A2E energy studies office

Venelle Notre Dame des champs, 1B
1300 Wavre

Phone: +32 (0) 497.46.22.63



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